What is Honesty box (Honor Box) Vending?

What is Honesty box (Honor Box) Vending?

What kind of vending option could you have for smaller business locations, with easy servicing and little to no upfront cost and maintenance for you as a busy vending box professional? One answer is an “honor box”, otherwise known as an “honesty box”. The honor box is a cardboard or plastic box and comes in different sizes. Larger boxes could have small bags of chips and even candy bars. Smaller boxes carry typical candies like York patties, smarties, lollipops, bite size candy bars, etc. The box has a cash compartment attached to it and people pay for the snacks based on an honor system – thus the name. This is absolutely the opposite of a soda machine, for example, where you are required to insert a certain amount of money before you get your item. With the honor box, it depends on the person to pay how little or high they wish to. Honor boxes are often found in restaurants, cell phone stores, lobbies, banks, or anywhere with a counter, etc.

Large Honor boxes or Snack Boxes are ideal for smaller companies that have 50 or less employees (not saying that a bigger company cannot have them either). It might not be practical for a smaller company to have a huge vending machine but an honor box would yield enough buyers to make it worth keeping it. It also takes up a lot less room, compared to many other vending machines.

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Finding Quality Locations for Honor Boxes

One of the most difficult things to do in having vending machines is finding quality locations to place them. Finding good locations is not only time-consuming but it is also quite stressful because you might be calling business after business and not getting super great results. You want to get the most out of every single one of your honor boxes and an effective way to do that is by employing an honor box locator.

Utilizing a locator service might be the best thing you can do for your vending machine business. Unfortunately, there are quite a few vending locator scams on the internet with many unsatisfactory reviews which might seem discouraging. Here, at vendorlocator4u, we genuinely care about helping you find quality locations for you to place your boxes (check out our reviews on the right side of this website and on Facebook). We take care of finding your locations so that you can focus on what you do best. We have been in the vending machine industry for a very long time and had our own route for years.

Pay NOTHING in advance

Still not sure if our service is the best? That’s okay. You do not pay for our service until your honor box is accepted by the business and safely placed there by you (must be placed and paid with in 2 days). If there are any issues and they kick you out (rarely happens), we will take care of them because we care about your business. Also, if the location does kick you out with in 30 days, we replace it. We are here for YOU.

For more information on our location service, read here. For Pricing click here. 

NEED QUALITY LOCATIONS? Pay NOTHING until you receive your locations. Request our services!


Bulk Vending: Step 1 to Make More Cash!

The first step is making sure your candy machine is clean!

After you have your equipment, the first thing is to make sure that your machine is clean! One of the most important parts of vending is presentation! If it doesn’t catch their eye, or look good, they will use another machine by another operator!

Cleanliness is very important! You would be surprised how many candy machine operators don’t clean their equipment! Take a walk around town, or drive around and look at all the gumball machines, double head candy machines, triple heads, and even the pro’s with big rack systems! You will notice quick how well most bulk vendors clean their machines!


Should I really take the time to clean my machines? Or even my honor boxes?

YES! It makes a huge difference! If you clean your machine to look like it did the day you dropped it off every time you service it, you will make way more money than the person that just gives it a quick wipe down and moves on.

If you are in a vending location with competition, you will notice quick how well they take care of theirs! The best thing you can do is go the extra mile to make sure your’s is top notch!

How to clean your candy machine: I personally use Micro fiber wash cloths and a natural spray citrus cleaner. Always spray into the cloth, then wipe down your gumball machine or candy machine with the towel. Don’t spray the machine then wipe! You won’t be able to get it all and it may drip down on a surface that the candy will be on (that’s why I would use natural).

After you wipe the whole machine down (including stand), look at the floor around your machine. If you see anything, pick it up and toss it in the garbage. I promise you that the location owner will notice this!

Even the area around your machine will be credited to you!

I know this may seem common sense, but sometimes it’s better to cover all the bases so none are missed!



Candy Vending Machine Locations!

Here at VendingLocator4u we find the best locations possible for your Charity Bulk Vending Machines that come in many shapes and sizes! Single head gumball machines, double head gumball machines, triple head candy machines, U-turn 4 selectors, and even the terminator bulk vending machines.

Using a bulk vending charity like www.vend2help.org will get you high end locations every time! They work with several charities such as St. Judes. We believe in quality bulk vending locations and using charities that make a difference in the community.

We also work with your specific route to achieve the maximum amount of business for your single head, double head, or other bulk candy vending machines. We target many specific types of locations that are known to produce the best results. However, vending locations can be just about anywhere you can imagine! Even if you have had success locating in the past, as your business grows you just may not have the time. At the same time, you don’t want your hard earned money tied up in locator scams. With us, you won’t pay us until a location has accepted your machine!

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We are the best when it comes to bulk vending locators.

If you don't trust us, simply see what others are saying!

"I found Rodney when I was at a very bad place financially and with our vending business.

Not only did Rodney help get us the locations we desperately needed, he has gone above and beyond to help me personally with staying positive, he's provided bulk distributors, resources for book keeping, how to get more efficient, ways to make the most of our machines, and things to do to keep the ball rolling in a positive direction.

I could go on forever and still wouldn't be able to say enough about what a great person Rodney is, what a change he's been to my business and life, and how glad I am we found him... I just wish it would've been years earlier!"

"Me and Rodney were in contact for a short period of time before I decided to try him out. I started with a small order but changed it to 35 machines. The day after he pulled the list for my area I had 5 locations sent my way!  

The best part about how family vending works is that I can place the machines before I pay! So if there is a problem, I can bring it to Rodney's attention right away and not have my money tied up until it is fixed.

He also offers a one time relocation of any machines where that location is a dud. Truthfully I was not to into the idea of paying someone to locate these machines and driving the money I have invested up but I am very glad I did. These guys have been fast, professional and on top of every email and I will continue to use them. Thank you so much Rodney and I hope that people see how good of a job you do through this."
~ A vendiscuss.net user from Maine

"Very refreshing telemarketer experience! I highly recommend he and his staff. I'm over 30 locations now with Family Vending and I am pleased with results!"
~ Eli

"Obtained some mint box locations for me and followed my request for restaurant locations.  Drop off went smoothly and I placed all beside cash register. Thank you Rodney for providing good locating services!"
~ Vendor for over 8 years in North Carolina

"I've worked with 4 locators to date and Rodney is the only one I would recommend. He does everything over the phone and got us locations quickly. I don't know why it's so hard to find more people who locate who are as honest and hard working as he is but I wish all of my experiences were as good as the ones with him!" - A user from vendiscuss.net