Installing your bulk vending machine at it’s new location

Installing your bulk vending machine at it’s new location

If your not a seasoned candy machine operator, or if you have never delivered charity vending machines/ Honor boxes before, then the task may seem to be a little intimidating. No worries! When you have a good bulk vending locator, it’s easier than you think!

I won’t focus on how others do it, or how not to deliver your candy machine. Here is how it goes:

We first send you a email with the new bulk vending locations in it which include; Name of location, address, phone number, contact person (usually the manager that gave permission), hours of operation, and other notes that the location has requested. Often times there is no extra notes, but may include: No gum, or has another machine with…….. , in back for employee’s, or out front for customers. Rarely, there may be a specific day or time. I try not to do this.

After you receive a new bulk vending location in your email, it’s best to deliver it as soon as possible! Every day that goes by is an opportunity for another vendor to get in there or the manager starts to forget that they gave permission for a candy machine!

It  doesn’t make money sitting at home or worse yet storage!!!

When I go to install a vending machine, I try to wear either khaki pants or newer jeans (with belt), polo shirt, and decent shoes. The idea to remember is your representing your business. How a person portrays themselves reflects heavily on how long they get to keep the location!

When you walk in introduce yourself, shake hands and ask for the person that is listed on the email that gave permission, if they are not there, just let them know that they approved the candy machine for your charity and you are there to install it.

Then you just take it where they asked you to! Simple as that!

Whether you have bought a single head gumball machine, double head candy machine, or a 8 selection Terminator, always try to take it in with you! If it’s a big store, then go in first without it to figure out where it goes, then go back out and get it.


Hopefully this helps in getting your machine placed! Have a great day!


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"I found Rodney when I was at a very bad place financially and with our vending business.

Not only did Rodney help get us the locations we desperately needed, he has gone above and beyond to help me personally with staying positive, he's provided bulk distributors, resources for book keeping, how to get more efficient, ways to make the most of our machines, and things to do to keep the ball rolling in a positive direction.

I could go on forever and still wouldn't be able to say enough about what a great person Rodney is, what a change he's been to my business and life, and how glad I am we found him... I just wish it would've been years earlier!"

"Me and Rodney were in contact for a short period of time before I decided to try him out. I started with a small order but changed it to 35 machines. The day after he pulled the list for my area I had 5 locations sent my way!  

The best part about how family vending works is that I can place the machines before I pay! So if there is a problem, I can bring it to Rodney's attention right away and not have my money tied up until it is fixed.

He also offers a one time relocation of any machines where that location is a dud. Truthfully I was not to into the idea of paying someone to locate these machines and driving the money I have invested up but I am very glad I did. These guys have been fast, professional and on top of every email and I will continue to use them. Thank you so much Rodney and I hope that people see how good of a job you do through this."
~ A user from Maine

"Very refreshing telemarketer experience! I highly recommend he and his staff. I'm over 30 locations now with Family Vending and I am pleased with results!"
~ Eli

"Obtained some mint box locations for me and followed my request for restaurant locations.  Drop off went smoothly and I placed all beside cash register. Thank you Rodney for providing good locating services!"
~ Vendor for over 8 years in North Carolina

"I've worked with 4 locators to date and Rodney is the only one I would recommend. He does everything over the phone and got us locations quickly. I don't know why it's so hard to find more people who locate who are as honest and hard working as he is but I wish all of my experiences were as good as the ones with him!" - A user from