Tracking Your Vending Route

Tracking Your Vending Route and Business

Why Is This Important?

Efficiency is what we all strive for in this business. Being in the vending machine business for many years has taught us a thing or two about efficiency and the importance of tracking.

If you are not tracking your routes and products, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. If you do not track your business consistently and efficiently, you will lose money.

This is where Vending Tracking Software comes into play.

The primary reasons to use vending software is to track inventory of products, your assets, organize your route and map it for speed and for deciding what product will do best at each location.

We have tried multiple instances of Vending Tracking Software, but only one has stood out as something we could really get behind and support.

VendSoft is our recommended tracking software of choice for consistently keeping our business running efficiently and smoothly. It works great for Bulk Vending, Full line, and other forms of vending.

Vending Tracking Software

Why Wouldn’t I Just Use a Spreadsheet to Track My Vending Business?

Great Question! Why wouldn’t you use an excel spreadsheet to manage your whole vending business?

Here are some arguments against using a simple spreadsheet program and explanations of why dedicated vending software is right for you:


    • More time consuming to input and analyze all the data collected. Separate spreadsheets will cover sales records, area information, product and inventory. It would be better to use this time to find new locations for vending machines, improve maintenance or research new products for your route. Your time is extremely valuable.


    • Knowledge of proper mathematical formulas and equations in excel or hiring someone to do it for you for spreadsheet data use. With software programs specifically designed for vendors, all of that is already taken care of. By just inputting your data, you can generate useful reports about profits and products right away. Vending Route owners and those in the business know what you need. These specialized programs are designed FOR YOU.


    • Spreadsheets do not offer automatic input via smart phone or mobile device. Certain apps allow you to directly record and download all information about receipts, date and time and servicing to the vending software. No data entry at the office needed. This is a huge time saver. You are on the move, take your tracking with you!


    • It is really impossible to track and manage routes with a spreadsheet. Vending Tracking Software can map machine locations and create the fastest and most efficient routes for you. You can also monitor the mileage and fuel needs of your drivers or yourself. As your business expands, professional vending software can expand with you. You won’t be tied down with clunky spreadsheets that may go out of date.


    • There are different levels of access that can be assigned to different people in your office. One user level would allow administrative assistants to input data, while another, more secure level can allow only you to analyze information for reports. This again, allows for amazing expansion ability.


As you can easily see from all the information given above, investing in dedicated vending software can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your vending business.

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